What is CBD oil?

Extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD oil is one of many cannabis products.It has an array of potential health benefits. It is made by extracting cannabidiol from cannabis and dissolving it in a base oil.For many years, marijuana (cannabis) got a lot of bad press. But things have been different since the advent of cannabis products like CDB oil. This is so because CBD oil is non-euphoric. It would not give the usual high people experience with marijuana. It offers potential benefits in treating depression, anxiety, pain, and even cancer. The benefitof CBD oil in cancer treatment is one of the most exciting for the world today.

Why there is a need for reviews in the CBD industry

The cannabis industry requires regulations to ensure that proceedings are ethical. But these regulations are not well developed yet. The industry is still in the early stages. The potential benefits of many CBD products are unverified. So the regulatory approach to CBD products has been amorphous.

So far, the FDA has only approved oneCBD product as a drug. This product works for the treatment of two epileptic disorders in children. Asides from this, other CBD products out in the market are uncertified for use as drugs. People sometimes assume that these products have been verified and adjudged to be safe by the FDA. Also, there are no standards for the preparation of these products yet. There are no quality control or quality assurance processes in place. So, these products sometimes come out tainted. There are reports that some products have had unsafe levels of contaminants such as heavy metals, THC, and pesticides.

Of course, since the safety of these products has not been verified, they may be unsafe for the public. Even with this uncertainty, they are being sold. Some studies have shown that CBD may have negative effects on male reproduction. With such data around, further studies are needed to determine the doses at which CBD products can be consumed. Also, more studies are needed in children and women to verify safety in that part of the population.

A couple of months back, the FDA had to issue warning letters to certain companies involved in the production of these products.It would seem that at the moment, the consumers and the producers are not very clear on what should be and what should not be. The marketplace contains CBD products incorporated into food products. Some products are even marketed as drugs. Some producers even took to spaces like social media and online stores to advertise these products. The FDA classifies them as inappropriate.

The need for CBD reviews in the CBD industry borders on the following:

  • safety concerns
  • marketing& advertisement
  • consumer information
  • standardization of production

Lack of Regulation

CBD products are subject to the FD&C Act and the 2018 Farm Bill. But, there are still some grey areas in these regulations. The requirements for the sale of CBD products have not been completely established under the FD&C Act. The FDA is still communicating with state regulatory bodies toclarify the scope of CBD production. Until then, the regulation of CDB products remains insufficient.